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A Passage To Equality, Mississippi Civil Rights Museum– La Quinta

If you're planning a vacation to Brandon, Mississippi, you can expect a thrilling experience brimming with southern charm, culture, and history. The Mississippi Civil Rights Museum provides a comprehensive understanding of the state's civil rights history and is centrally situated within the bustling city. When lodging at La Quinta, one of the best room booking in Brandon, MS, this museum should be your foremost destination for exploration.   

Museums In The United States: Stats & Facts  

Museums are establishments dedicated to acquiring, preserving, interpreting, and displaying culturally, historically artistically, or scientifically significant artifacts. Assessing their value is challenging, but these institutions undeniably wield substantial economic influence. As of 2022, the market size of the museum industry in the United States exceeded 11 billion U.S. dollars, demonstrating a growth of approximately seven percent compared to 2021.  

A Brief At Mississippi Civil Rights Museum  

The Mississippi Civil Rights Museum is a significant repository of American history in Jackson, Mississippi. It narrates the stirring stories of individuals who ardently campaigned for equality and justice while documenting the enduring struggle for civil rights. Its exhibits and historical artifacts serve as educational and motivational tools, underlining the imperative nature of societal transformation. 

The Historical Significance  

The Mississippi Civil Rights Museum takes you on a historical journey. It is a potent reminder of the tumultuous past and the brave endeavors of people and communities in their quest for rights. It becomes more than a historical teaching site; it becomes a conversation starter about the ongoing fight for equality and social justice.  

Galleries & Collections  

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The museum is home to a remarkable collection of exhibits detailing African Americans' experiences in the state during the civil rights movement.  

1. Mississippi's Freedom Struggle  

The Mississippi Civil Rights Movement stands as a courageous chapter within the enduring African-American quest for freedom, representing a heroic campaign by local individuals to secure their civil rights. Throughout generations, the people of Mississippi have ardently and persistently fought for their rights, each generation striving to mold "a more perfect union."  

2. The Little Light Of Mine  

This exhibit is a tribute to those who exhibited unwavering determination in driving change during the civil rights movement. It showcases the life narratives of celebrated civil rights luminaries like Medgar Evers, Fannie Lou Hamer, and Vernon Dahmer. Visitors will encounter stirring narratives and personal memorabilia that vividly illustrate their remarkable contributions.  

3. A Tremor In The Iceberg  

During the 1960s, a fresh wave of activists emerged, injecting renewed zeal into the Civil Rights Movement. While the World War II veterans had prioritized voter registration and pursued legal avenues in the courts, this younger generation appeared less inclined to be patient and more resolute in their commitment to directly and openly challenge Mississippi's segregationists.  

4. Black Empowerment  

Freedom Summer and the Democratic National Convention presented formidable challenges to the political landscape in Mississippi. Many locals were involved in the Civil Rights Movement because they were determined to stand up for their rights regardless of the consequences, even if it meant facing violence. Black communities were experiencing a wave of empowerment. It led them to go to the streets in determined marches for change, whether in metropolitan hubs, rural villages, or college campuses.  

5. A Closed Society  

During his 1941 State of the Union Address, President Franklin D. Roosevelt identified four essential freedoms he believed should be ensured for everyone. These comprised the freedoms of speech, faith, lack of fear, and freedom. The nation was about to see a significant upheaval during World War II that would impact people's lives for a long time.  

6. I Question America  

In 1964, the resounding call for freedom echoed through the hearts of Black Mississippians as the push for equal rights gained momentum. Local initiatives that had taken root in 1963 evolved into a cohesive, statewide movement. Individuals of diverse backgrounds, hailing from both urban centers and rural areas, united across generations, collaborating to assert their rightful claim to equality.  

Opening Hours  

The museum is open from Tuesday to Saturday from 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM and Sunday from 11 AM - 5 PM. It is closed on Mondays.  

General Admission

  • Admission fees are approx. $8 - $15

  • Children under three years: No charges  

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Historically Enriching Journey  

The Mississippi Civil Rights Museum serves as a historical beacon, a representation of progress, and an endless source of inspiration for all its visitors. When you choose La Quinta, one of the finest best hotels in Brandon, MS, as your accommodation, make a point to reserve time to immerse yourself in this extraordinary institution and contemplate the tribulations and victories of the civil rights movement. The exhibits within the museum will not only question your viewpoints but also kindle your compassion, leaving you with a profound admiration for the unceasing endeavor toward social justice.  

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Yes, complimentary outdoor parking is provided to visitors.  

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Yes, laundry services are available at the hotel.  

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